Implementing an FOI solution on SharePoint

Freedom of Information is recognized as a human right by may countries in the world. It has been implemented in various forms, the Right to information (RTI) in India, The Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act) in UK and USA being examples.
All these have a basic tenets of asking for and being able to receive information about public bodies and organizations working in the public domain. Freedom of Information also considers another basic human right, the right to privacy.
SharePoint can be leveraged to build a request-response system that has the features below
1. Allows users to search for information
2. Has a request system where users can raise a query.
3. Routes the query to the right department / responsible person in the organization.
4. Allows the department / responsible people to create a document with the response or required information.
5. Provide ability to have reviews on the document
6. Publish the document with notification to the requestor.
7. Manage security on documents where access needs to be restricted due to Data Protection regulations.
8. Track requests and manage them within SLAs

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