The monkey and the grasshopper

I have been reading about the Monkey for some time now. Though its been more than an year, I had never actually dwelt deep into it . Just a few days ago I happened to chance upon Mainsoft and thats when my interest in the Monkey resurfaced. The reason for this revival of interest and this seriousness in effort is the other character of this story the GrassHopper. 
Grasshopper is a mainsoft product and quite an interesting one too. Grasshopper can help compile .NET code written in visual studio to run with java enabled systems!
Grasshopper is available as a free download from the Mainsoft website. It comes nicely packaged in an MSI and installing it is just clicking next, next and finish. The installer also adds Tomcat on the machine to help make sure that the web apps too really run on Java.
Grasshopper adds new project types to Visual Studio. Before using the project types we will need to activate Grasshopper. Once activated, using Grasshopper to create the first java application is simple. Just select one of the project types for Java EE and creating applications for the Java platform is just like creating any other .NET application.
Ok! the Grasshopper is great but where did the Monkey  come from? The Mono Project (spanish: mono = monkey) is an open source project. The Mono project which has Novel’s support right now aims at creating a ECMA standard compliant CLI that will help run .NET on different platforms like Linux, Mac, Solaris & windows. Though it is not as feature rich as the Microsoft implementation, it gives a lot of power in the hands of developers.