Nuked!  That has been the status message on my IMs for some time now. Call it fate or call it luck, we at Acuvate came across a portal framework called Dotnetnuke (DNN) and my status changed to Nuked!.


Written in VB.NET, DNN is an open source CMS licensed under a standard BSD open source license agreement. Though it has been around for some time, it only seems to have been catching up on the innumerable other open source CMS mostly written in Java and PHP in the recent times. Other than the fact that it is the all so familiar .NET, what lead us to trying it out, using it and even recommending it to our customers is the active user community. It is one of the top 10 projects in terms of traffic on Sourceforge now!


There are also dozens of modules that are available which can be used to build a solution with the least of coding! The regular features like User login, management, simple surveys, forums are all out of the box. It even comes packed with Localization and supports multiple sites on a single installation. Add to that the hundreds of commercially and community created modules and you have almost everything you need without a single line of code. If you really have such a unique requirement that warrants custom development DNN has something for you too. DNN has a good architecture and allows you to build and add new modules as needed. What makes it more interesting is the power of .NET I’m not restricted to VB.NET for my needs.


For me DNN is a nice tool that I can use to quickly create a website that is actually useable and also extend it as I need. I’m indeed Nuked!


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