The One Web !

In recent times there has been a lot of consolidation in the web world. A lot of work has been and is being done on collaboration and interoperability. Connected applications and social computing are the buzz words. The new Web or Web 2.0 as its being called is truly moving toward becomming one gigantic single Web.
MySpace and Facebook have done a lot in connecting people, Facebook API took it a step forward and it didn’t stop at that. The facebook tool kit for .NET developers added one more strand to the web and with OpenSocial the unification will be profound. A lot of new and innovative things are bringing the Web together.
Here is a small list I have come accross in recent times that have, or will change the face of the Web.
  • AJAX
    This beautiful cocktail of technologies has made user experience rich and a lot better.
  • Facebook API & .NET toolkit
    This has opened a whole new dimension to the facebook app development just because its so easy to use! With the vast developer base that .NET has and the new capabilities comming in, this will transform the already popular facebook experience.
  • Windows Live
    Its from Microsoft! Need I say more on how popular its going to be?  Its also brought in a lot of live gadgets and people on the spaces.
  • Google API
    From docs and spreadsheets to search and maps, google has it all.
  • Google gadgets
    Clocks are my favourite but there is a lot more to google gadgets
  • The OpenSocial API
    With MySpace & orkut on the band, this is gonna create waves.
  • Microsoft Popfly
    Mashups and much more to give a unique experience.
  • Mono
    Helped the cause of developers by bridging the Operating system divide.
  • Grasshopper
    The bug has made Java and Microsoft technologies more interoperable.
  • IIS 7.0
    With its support for PHP applications IIS 7.0 will go a long way in unifying the Web.

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