Brand New Day.. Brand New Year..

"Brand New Day  Brand New Year ..
Things do come and go from here.
There is hope and so is fear..
and lots of things that we hold dear.
Dreams are far yet so near..
and Life goes on without a tear."
Believe me the lines may not be great but the effort I put in to write that was real. It is really hard to concentrate on writing when every thing around is in a party mood.
The nice loud music, the bright fire works, the half moon in the bright night sky, people screaming and dancing wild. An year has come to an end and a new one has begun. People are partying hard, celebratiing in a million different ways, each wishing the others A happy new year.
What is this celebration for ? Why this hysteria? Is this because something bad has ended? Definetely not! We had the same frenzy last year too.
Is it because something good is gonna happen? Can’t say that either. Its just another day, another brand new day. A brand new day filled with the eternal hope that something better is in store, the hope that our dreams will come true, the hope to find happiness. Hey wait! lets move back a little .. yes right there – the hope to find happiness – thats it! Thats exactly what the people are doing! finding happiness!! Happiness in singing, dancing and being with their loved ones, happiness in the bright lights and the music, happiness in the world around them! 
But alas what is it that I see? The search for happiness in the loud bursts of crackers, the search for happiness in the large pegs of drink and the subsequent racing through the roads. The search for happiness in the wild screaming and the drunken brawls. Is this really the happiness we are searching for?
Is it really worth the trouble for just another reason, just another day?  Question are many and the reasons just as many.
End of it all there is a  Brand New Day,  Brand New Year  and like the Linkin Park song goes "and in the end, it doesn’t even matter!!"
Happy New Year !!

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